Process displays from akYtec are distinguished by their compact and exclusive design. The unique combination of the rectangular front and the cylindrical rear of these devices make them benefit a lot in many aspects.

The cylindrical mounting part of the device enclosure allows akYtec’s displays to be installed into a standard cutout of Ø22.5 mm, which reduces mounting area and provides faster mounting if compared to traditional rectangular devices of this kind. The very same cutouts at control cabinets or panels are used for mounting standard signal lamps or push buttons. Besides the installation into a panel or control cabinet with minimum space requirements, these displays can even be easily installed into a push-button box due to their short length (65 mm).

porocess display 4-20 mA on tube “these displays can even be easily installed into a push-button box due to their short length (65 mm)”
akYtec displays fit into boreholes of 22.5 mm for standard signal lamps and push buttons“akYtec’s displays fit into a cutout of Ø22.5 mm for standard signal lamps and push buttons”

The rectangular front of 48 x 26 mm provides much more area for the displayed characters than those completely cylindrical Ø22.5 mm enclosures. The measured value is displayed with characters of 14 mm high on a 4-digit 7-segment LED display, which is IP65-rated, meaning, it is protected against water and dust.

Depending on the input signal, 4 types of displays are available: ITP11, ITP14, ITP16 and SMI2.

ITP11 Process indicator 4-20 mA

The loop-powered process indicator ITP11 can be connected to any transmitter with a 4-20 mA output and display the current process value in red or green color. The ITP11 can be easily configured with three function buttons positioned on its cylindrical surface. Besides the signal scaling, the device configuration may also include:

  • - Setting the decimal point position
  • - Switching between linear and square root function (for spetransmitters)
  • - Adjusting the time constant for damping the signal fluctuations
  • - Blinking when exceeding the set points
  • - Indicating an error when exceeding the measuring limits
  • - Setting the password to prevent an unauthorized access.

The ITP11 is also available in a universal rectangular enclosure (ITP11-W), which can be mounted whether at a wall, or on a DIN rail, or on a tube:

porocess display 4-20 mA wall mount ITP11-W at wall porocess display 4-20 mA on din rail ITP11-W on a DIN rail porocess display 4-20 mA on tube ITP11-W on a tube

ITP14 Process indicator 0-10 V / 4-20 mA

The ITP14 is intended to receive analog signals of 0-10 V or 4-20 mA. Unlike the IPT11, this process display requires 24 VDC power supply and features a digital NPN-transistor output. With this output, simple on-off control of a load up to 200 mA / 42 VDC can be implemented, according to four different control functions on option:

ITP14 control functions

All the configuration features of the ITP11 are also supported by the IPT14.

ITP16 Temperature Indicator

The ITP16 supports for 4 types of RTDs (Pt50, Pt500 Pt100, and Pt1000) and a wide range of thermocouples, such as K, J, N, T, and many other; additionally, the analog input of the IPT16 can also be configured for linear signals of -50…50 mV or 0-1 V. The ITP16 temperature display is actuated by 24 VDC and also has a digital output for implementing on-off control:

All the configuration features of the ITP11 and ITP14 are also supported by the IPT16.

SMI2 RS485 Display

The SMI2 is a universally-applicable display unit for monitoring industrial processes over the RS485 interface via protocol Modbus RTU/ASCII. This display can operate either as a slave or as a master device. This enables implementing simple and cost-effective visualization systems meeting a wide range of customer requirements. The SMI2 can also be installed in a remote control panel in order to display the necessary control values close to the operator.

porocess display 4-20 mA on tube