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Gas transmitters

The Gas Transmitters of the PKG100 series from akYtec are intended for gas detection and measurement of its concentration in the room where this gas may accumulate, such as in industrial buildings, greenhouses, pig or cow sheds, etc.

The PKG100-CO2 transmitters are equipped with an optical gas sensor manufactured according to the NDIR technology, a worldwide method for measurement of carbon dioxide concentration. Due to this technology, the sensor is not affected by aggressive chemical environments and can detect CO2 even under anaerobic conditions.

The PKG100-NH3 transmitters feature an accurate state-of-the-art metal oxide semiconductor sensor with temperature compensation. These gas sensors are characterized by excellent repeatability, stable operation and long service life.

Each transmitter of the PKG100 series ensure high long-term stability and are equipped with two independent analog outputs, which can be configured for a standard signal of 4-20 mA or 0-10 V via a jumper on the PCB. Another important advantage of our gas transmitters is the RS485 interface, due to which our devices of this series can be easily read and configured via Modbus RTU.

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