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These two input modules look pretty similar at first glance. Both of them feature eight universal inputs for various analog signals, i.e., from current or voltage transmitters, temperature sensors, and other devices with standard analog outputs. Each input of the MV110-24.8A(AS) can be configured for the required signal, which allows communication to a range of different sensors or transmitters with one single module without the need to purchase several modules that usually come individually for each signal type. This feature makes these modules a powerful and cost-effective tool in automation systems. Despite many features in common, the MV110-24.8A and MV110-24.8AS extension modules have some differences.Read More
5/13/2019 12:33 PM
We are excited to share with all our customers in Australia the news that, from now on, you can purchase our devices in your country even faster and in a more convenient way.Read More
3/7/2019 3:09 PM
Process displays from akYtec are distinguished by their compact and exclusive design. The unique combination of the rectangular front and the cylindrical rear of these devices make them benefit a lot in many aspects.Read More
The PR200 mini PLC from akYtec can display values of BOOL, INT or REAL variables, as well as constant text on its LCD screen, which cannot be said of STRING variables. The data type STRING is not supported by akYtec ALP programming environment. What should be undertaken if there is some variable text to be displayed?Read More
1/29/2019 10:38 AM
Many manufacturers have started manufacturing more simplified devices dubbing them 'Programmable Logic Relay' (PLR), 'Compact PLC', 'Mini PLC', 'Smart Relay', ‘Small Controller’, etc.Read More
On November 1, 2018, the technology and client oriented akYtec GmbH opens a new technology center in Berlin.Read More
10/17/2018 11:04 AM
Before the release of the PRM Extension Module, our Programmable Relay PR200 had been a fixed mini PLC with the total number of 22 inputs and outputs. It is good to have a compact device but the performance and flexibility also often matter. Modularity is the key to meeting the growing requirements of your control system. With the PRM Extension Modules, the PR200 is not a fixed mini PLC. Now it is a modular expandable device that can have up to 54 I/O-points.Read More

The ITP14 is a universally-applicable process display for monitoring and control of industrial processes. It has an analog input for voltage signals (0–10 V) or current signals (4–20 mA and others). It also has an NPN transistor output to control a load up to 42 V DC / 200 mA and to implement ON/OFF control. The potential groups (analog input, output, power supply) have galvanic isolation from each other.

The following video introduces:

  • - Scope of delivery
  • - Experimental setup with wire connection
  • - Functions and Configuration
  • - Simple operation and sample display of a temperature
  • - Configuration of the alarm and activation of NPN transistor output
  • - Settings of “safe output state”
Read More
There are implemented 3 log-channels in this project, using analog inputs/outputs and the RS485 interface of the MSD200 Data Logger. It means that you can find here some cases in point for configuring log-channels, Modbus settings, monitoring the real-time values. At the end of this part, we are showing you how to export an Excel or a CSV file with the built-in File ManagerRead More

In this video the ITP11’s functions and operation are introduced step by step.

Starting with the exterior design, going through the electrical installation until the configuration of:

  • Password function
  • Decimal point position
  • 4 mA – lower limit (-999…9999)
  • 20 mA – upper limit (-999…9999)
  • Damping time
  • Square root function
  • Alarm function
  • Lower setpoint limit
  • Upper setpoint limit
Read More

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