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Data loggers

Devices of this section are designed to acquire and store various process data during a long period of time at a specific time interval.

Regardless of what it is about, a pressure data logger, a humidity data logger or a logger for other data measurements, the main characteristic features when selecting any data logger are:

  • - Form factor: USB stick or a stand-alone unit for control cabinet installation
  • - Number of channels
  • - Communication interfaces
  • - Internal data storage.

For now, we offer only one but a universally applicable device for data logging purposes, the MSD200 Data Logger.

With the support for 4 analog configurable inputs (4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or 0-5 mA), the RS485 interface, and Modbus RTU / ASCII communication protocol, the MSD200 can log data from various gauges regardless of their purpose – measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, level, etc. Also to mention, our data loggers support up to 64 logging channels.

Thanks to all these features, our devices differentiate themselves significantly from many other similar devices in the market, including currently widespread climate data loggers i.e. temperature and humidity data loggers.

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  • MSD200 Data logger
    The MSD200 data logger is designed for DIN rail mounting and has two RS485 interfaces. The device supports Modbus RTU and ASCII protocols.
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1 Item(s)