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Resistance thermometer

Depending on the device version, our resistance thermometers are available in two RTD temperature sensors: Pt100 and Pt1000, which can measure temperature in the range between -50 and +100 °C.

Resistance thermometers of akYtec consist of a plastic enclosure and a temperature sensor probe. The enclosure meets the requirements of IP65, meaning, it is dust-proof and protected against hose water. Concerning the sensor probe, it is covered with a protection tube of AISI 321 and is 60 mm long in the standard delivery (80 and 100 mm available on request). The plastic enclosure is designed for wall mounting (in or outdoors).

According to the request, all devices can be supplied to be compatible with 2-wire or 3-wire transmitters, and with 4-wire as well, if it is necessary to connect a high-precision transducer.