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Pressure transmitters PD111 from akYtec are based on strain gauge sensing-technology based on piezoresistive effect in silicon. This is a very commonly employed sensing technology for general purpose pressure measurement. Silicon sensing elements have a high temperature stability, fast response time, low hysteresis, high overload ability and high sensitivity. Besides these advantages, pressure transmitters from akYtec are distinguished from other devices of this type by the following features:

Pressure transmitter

The sensor is laser-welded into the body of the process connector so there is no sealing required. Usually, pressure transmitters for general applications contain a polymeric sealing. Because of this sealing, such transmitters are not recommended to be used in media aggressive to this polymer. Pressure transmitters from akYtec are sealingless and this allows them to be operated in refrigeration equipment where ammonia-containing Freon presents and in other harsh conditions.

Pressure transmitter

The sensor system is filled with potting compound. It provides additional protection against internal condensation. This allows PD111 to be used in rooms with high humidity level (up to 90%), for example, in processes with a high temperature gradient.

Pressure transmitter

Additional polynomial digital temperature compensation. Besides the standard calibration at 23°C, pressure transmitters from akYtec are additionally calibrated at 60°C. This eliminates the temperature influence up to 0,05% / 10°C.

The PD111 pressure transmitter from akYtec is intended for measuring gauge pressure and is available in a variety of measuring ranges. In addition, this pressure transmitter can be optionally delivered in three types of pressure connection: G1/2", G1/4" and M20x1.5.