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Process controllers

The company akYtec offers a wide range of reliable process controllers for the measurement and control of temperature, pressure, humidity, level and other physical parameters in various process control systems and equipment, such as ovens, injection molding machines, extruders, PET bottle makings machines, shrink wrapping machines, dryers, etc.

All products in this category are divided into two-position controllers and PID controllers. The sub-category "PID controller" also includes combined devices which are capable of both two-point control and PID control.

Here you can find one, two and multi-channel process controllers with two 4-digit LED displays: one for displaying the measured value and the other the setpoint. Our controllers are distinguished by their universal inputs and optional output types. Each input can either be configured for one of the widely used thermocouples or resistance thermometers as well as for an analog standard signal (4-20 mA / 0-1 V). Each device can be supplied with the following output types: relay, NPN, TRIAC, SSR, 4-20 mA or 0-10 V, depending on the requested version.

Another advantage of our powerful controllers is the RS485 interface, which makes it possible to integrate the unit into a network and communicate with other devices, such as PC or PLC s via Modbus protocol RTU / ASCII.

In addition, our devices are available in three variants for control cabinet installation, which differ in their external dimensions, and also one variant for wall mounting. Most of the here presented products have IP54 protection class on the front (IP20 on the rear) and can be operated in the temperature range from +1 to +55 °C.

Our simple and affordable devices can be successfully used for industrial process control and regulation in many different industrial sectors such as machine and aircraft construction, paper processing, textile industry, sugar industry, fruit and vegetable processing industry, wood processing industry, bakery industry etc. as well as in HVAC or in agriculture.

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  • TRM202 2-channel controller
    TRM202 is a 2-channel process controller from akYtec for on-off or proportional control, which features an RS485 interface, 2 configurable analog inputs and 2 optional outputs (relay, 4-20 mA) and is available in wall or panel mount enclosure.
    2-channel controllerOn-off controlProportional controlhandrelayhandrelayModbus protocolRS485 interfaceAmbient temperature +1...+50°C
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  • TRM500 Temperature controller
    The one channel temperature controller TRM500 is a universally applied and easily used built-in device. The device is provided with a universal input for a wide range of resistance thermometers and thermocouples as well as a digital input. A relay output, an alarm output and a DC logic output are available for process control.
    1 channel controllerhandrelayEtherCAT16DOrelayEtherCATrelay
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  • TRM210 PID controller
    TRM210 is a stand-alone PID controller from akYtec, which features an RS485 interface, 1 configurable analog input, 1 digital input and 2 optional outputs (relay, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, or SSR) and is available in wall or panel mount enclosure.
    1 channelrelayrelayhandrelayrelayhandrelayEtherCATEtherCATrelay
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  • TRM138 multi-channel on-off controller
    The 8 channel on-off controller TRM138 can measure, display and control different physical process values such as temperature, pressure etc.
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  • TRM212 PID controller
    TRM212 is a PID controller from akYtec particularly for 3-step control valves, which features an RS485 interface, 2 configurable inputs and 2 optional outputs (relay, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V) and is available in wall or panel mount enclosure.
    EtherCATPID control3-step valve controlThe device can be used as the weather compensated controllerhandrelayhandrelayModbus protocolRS485 interfaceAmbient temperature
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5 Item(s)