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TRM212 PID controller

SKU: trm212
TRM212 is a PID controller from akYtec particularly for 3-step control valves, which features an RS485 interface, 2 configurable inputs and 2 optional outputs (relay, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V) and is available in wall or panel mount enclosure.

EtherCATPID control3-step valve controlThe device can be used as the weather compensated controllerhandrelayhandrelayModbus protocolRS485 interfaceAmbient temperature

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Product Description

    TRM212 is a stand-alone PID controller available in two enclosures: for wall or for panel mounting. A special feature of this process controller is the ability to control analog- or 3-step control valves. Depending on the device variant, you can implement it whether with an analog output or with two digital outputs. The TRM212 has two inputs and two outputs on board. The inputs are configurable and can be set for standard current/voltage signals (0-1 V, 4-20 mA, etc.) or for different standard TC/RTD signals, what allows this device to measure, display and control different physical process variables such as pressure, temperature, humidity, etc. The optional outputs (relay, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V) and RS485 interface provide particular flexibility when using this controller for creating automatic control and regulation systems of various processes in different areas of industry, agriculture and utilities.

    Functions and features:

    • Measuring the process value and its transformation according to the sensor type
    • Displaying process values and configuration parameters on two 4-digit LED displays
    • Scaling and filtering the input signal
    • Signal correction, square root function
    • Calculation of the sum or the ratio of the signals, the difference or the root of the difference between two signals
    • PID control of the measured or calculated value with an analog or three-step control valves
    • Weather compensation control (remote setpoint adjustment in accordance with an external parameter)
    • Autotuning function
    • Stand-alone control
    • Manual control
    • Network control (RS485 interface) with akYtec, Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII protocols as a Slave
    • Alarm output
    • Sensor / input error and Loop Break Alarm detection
    • Error indication
    • Remote start/stop using digital input
    • Configuration via the functional keys

    Areas of application:

    Creating automatic control and regulation systems of various technological processes in different areas of industry, agriculture and utilities.

    Ordering information

    TRM212 - X - XX
    96 x 96 x 70 mm H1
    96 x 48 x 100 mm H2
    105 x 130 x 65 mm H3
    Relay output (1 A (PID control) / 8 A (alarm), 30 V DC / 230 V AC) R
    4-20 mA I
    0-10 V U

    Standard modifications

    TRM212-H1.RR 2DO (Relay) Panel 96 х 96 mm
    TRM212-H2.RR 2DO (Relay) Panel 96 x 48 mm
    TRM212-H3.RR 2DO (Relay) Wall 105 x 130 mm
    TRM212-H1.IR 1AO (4-20 mA)+1DO (Relay) Panel 96 х 96 mm
    TRM212-H2.IR 1AO (4-20 mA)+1DO (Relay) Panel 96 x 48 mm
    TRM212-H3.IR 1AO (4-20 mA)+1DO (Relay) Wall 105 x 130 mm
    TRM212-H1.UR 1AO (0-10 V)+1DO (Relay) Panel 96 х 96 mm
    TRM212-H2.UR 1AO (0-10 V)+1DO (Relay) Panel 96 x 48 mm
    TRM212-H3.UR 1AO (0-10 V)+1DO (Relay) Wall 105 x 130 mm
    Power supply 230 (90...245) V AC; 50 (47...63) Hz
    Power consumption, max. 6 VA
    Sampling time / input ≤1 s
    Analog inputs 2
    Input signal RTD
    Standard signals
    Optional outputs 2
    Type R - Relay 1A (PID control), 8 A (Alarm), 30 V DC / 230 V AC
    I - Analog 4-20 mA, 15…32 V, 0...1 kohm
    U - Analog 0-10 V, 15…32 V, min 2 kohm
    Interface RS485
    Protocol Modbus-RTU / ASCII, akYtec
    Baud rate 2.4...115.2 kBit/s
    Ambient temperature +1...+50 °C
    Humidity up to 80% (at +25°C, non-condensing)
    IP Code H1 front IP54
    H2 front IP54
    H3 IP44
    Dimensions H1 96 x 96 x 70 mm
    H2 96 x 48 x 100 mm
    H3 105 x 130 x 95 mm
    Material plastic
    Sensor Measuring range 
    Standart signals
    0-1 V
    -50…+50 mV
    0-5 mA
    0-20 mA
    4-20 mA
    RTD according to IEC 60751:2008
    Pt50, Pt100 -200…+750°C
    TC according to IEC 60584-1:2013
    J -200…+1200°C
    N -200…+1300°C
    K -200…+1300°C
    S 0…+1750°C
    R 0…+1750°C
    A 0…+2500°C
    RTD according to GOST
    50P, 100P -200…+750°C
    50M, 100M -190…+200°C
    Cu50, Cu100 -50…+200°C
    53M -190…+200°C
    46P -200…+750°C
    TC according to GOST
    L -200…+800°C
Additional Information

    Typical application cases


    1. PID controlling valves with using analog input.

    Temperature control using three-way valve with position sensor and alarm playback



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