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Interface converters

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  • IC4 USB-RS485 converter
    With the USB-RS485 bidirectional converter IC4, you can create an extra serial port on a notebook or PC and connect a serial device to a free USB port. It provides reliable galvanic isolation between the interfaces. The device is powered directly from the USB port.
    RS485 CONVERTERrs485usbGalvanic isolationDIN railip20
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  • IC3 RS232-RS485 converter
    IC3 is a bidirectional RS232-to-RS485 converter. With this device, you can connect any RS485 device directly to the serial RS232 COM port of your PC or another device. This converter supports automatic detection of data transfer direction, so no software drivers are required. All standard protocols for RS232 and RS485 interfaces are supported.
    RS232 - RS485 CONVERTERrs485rs232Galvanic isolationDIN railip20
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  • IC5 RS485 repeater
    RS485 repeater IC5 is used to connect two segments of the RS485 network in purpose to increase the bus length and extend the network by additional devices (up to 32). The repeater provides galvanic isolation between network nodes.
    RS485 repeaterrs485Galvanic isolationDIN railip20
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3 Item(s)