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On-Off Controllers

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  • USB-RS485 converter IC4
    With the IC4 USB-RS485 bidirectional adapter you can create an extra serial port on a notebook or PC and connect a serial device through a free USB port. It provides reliable galvanic isolation between the interfaces. The device is powered directly through the USB port.
    RS485 CONVERTER rs485 usb DIN rail ip20
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  • TRM202 2-channel controller
    TRM202 is a 2-channel process controller from akYtec for on-off or proportional control, which features an RS485 interface, 2 configurable analog inputs and 2 optional outputs (relay, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, SSR, NPN or TRIAC) and is available in wall or panel mount enclosure.
    2-channel controllerOn-off controlProportional controlhandrelayhandrelayModbus protocolRS485 interfaceAmbient temperature +1...+50°C
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  • TRM138 multi-channel on-off controller
    The 8 channel on-off controller TRM138 can measure, display and control different physical process values such as temperature, pressure etc.
    EtherCAT relay handrelay handrelay EtherCAT EtherCAT relay
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3 Item(s)