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Product Name Files
MV110-24.8A Analog input module
ME110-230.3M 3-Phase Power Measurement Module
MV110-24.1TD Strain gauge module
MV110-24.8AS analog input module
MV110-24.16D(DN) Digital Input Module
MK110-24.8D.4R Digital I/O-Module
MU110-24.8I analog output module
MU110-24.6U analog output module
MU110-24.8R Digital output module
MU110-24.8K Digital output module
MU110-24.16R Digital output module
MU110-24.16K Digital output module
Product Name Files
PVT10 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
PVT100 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
  • ePLAN
ePLAN_ITP11 (*.zip 7.6 mb)
ePLAN_ITP11-G (*.zip 7.6 mb)
  • STEP Model
ITP11 STEP (*.zip 1.8 mb)
ITP11-G STEP (*.zip 2 mb)
  • ePLAN
ePLAN_ITP14 (*.zip 8.3 mb)
ePLAN_ITP14-G (*.zip 8.4 mb)
  • STEP Model
ITP14 STEP (*.zip 2 mb)
ITP14-G STEP (*.zip 2 mb)
  • ePLAN
ePLAN_ITP16 (*.zip 8.5 mb)
ePLAN_ITP16-G (*.zip 8.5 mb)
  • STEP Model
ITP16 STEP (*.zip 2 mb)
ITP16-G STEP (*.zip 2.1 mb)
  • ePLAN
SMI2 (*.zip 9 mb)
  • STEP Model
SMI2 STEP (*.zip 2.8 mb)
  • ePLAN
ePLAN_PR200-24.1.1 (*.zip 14.9 mb)
ePLAN_PR200-230.1.1 (*.zip 22.5 mb)
ePLAN_PR200-230.2.0(&2) (*.zip 50.2 mb)
ePLAN_PR200-230.4.0(&2) (*.zip 48.5 mb)
  • STEP Model
PR200-24.1.1 STEP (*.zip 2.4 mb)
PR200-24.2.0(&2) STEP (*.zip 5.4 mb)
PR200-24.4.0(&2) STEP (*.zip 5.4 mb)
PR200-230.1.0 STEP (*.zip 2.4 mb)
PR200-230.2.0(&2) STEP (*.zip 5.7 mb)
PR200-230.4.0(&2) STEP (*.zip 5.7 mb)