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Rigid cost restrictions and a huge variety of automation goals have led to the impossibility of creating a universal PLC. That’s why, even having selected a well suited controller, the developer may face the following challenges:

  • - Lack of PLC resources, e.g. I/O-points, etc.
  • - Issues with device compatibility with other devices in the network (interface, protocol, etc.)
  • - Long distances between the PLC and field devices.

To solve these and other similar matters, remote I/O-Modules are intended. These modules are used in building distributed systems of control industrial objects and processes. They allow expanding these systems by more inputs or outputs of the same types or new types whenever the need arises, to provide more functionality of the system. Among many distributed systems the single-master systems based on serial interface RS485 and Modbus protocol have gained the highest prevalence rates in industrial automation. That’s why the I/O-modules from akYtec feature the corresponding interface and protocol.

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7/6/2017 7:54 AM
Process displays from akYtec are distinguished by their compact and unique design, unlike the other industrial indicators in the market which are rectangular and take more space for mounting. AkYtec displays fit into boreholes of 22.5 mm for standard signal lamps and push buttons due to their standardized dimensions and cylindrical form. This reduces not just mounting space but mounting time as well, compared with usual rectangle devices. Beside the installation into a panel or control cabinet with minimum space requirements, these display can even be easily installed into a push-button box due to its short length (65 mm). The measured value is displayed on a 4-digit 7-segment LED display with characters of 14 mm high. In addition, these devices belong to the IP65 protection class on the front and thus they are protected against water and dust.Read More
During the development of an automatic system in CODESYS, the implementation step of a field bus system comes up quite often. For example, there is a need to carry out climate control in a vegetable storage facility based on the SPK207 control panel from akYtec. Since the SPK207 does not have its own inputs and outputs on board, it requires using expansion modules. For instance, the I/O-Modules of the MX110 series from akYtec can be connected to this control panel over the RS485 interface. Any modules with interface Ethernet can also be connected to the SPK207. This article describes in detail all necessary steps for proper configuring the SPK207 control panel for data exchange via Modbus protocol in CODESYS v3.5 SP3 Patch5.Read More
There are different ways of storing potatoes: bulk storage, box storage with a suction wall, box storage with a pressure wall etc. The storage way choice depends on the store type, potato tuber condition, sale timeline and technical feasibilities of the firm. In practice, any storage type requires a climate control system. This automatic system would be supposed to provide appropriate relative humidity and temperature, removing the surplus of CO2 generated by the live tubers and other conditions.Read More
AkYtec GmbH has released a new TRM500 temperature controller for industrial ovens. This device is designed for temperature control in ovens, kilns, injection moulding machines (including hot runner systems), extruders, shrinks wrappers, PET blow moulding machines, homogenizers and other manufacturing equipment with electrical heaters.Read More
The akYtec GmbH offers a rational solution based on the programmable relay PR200. According to this solution, the alarm of water pressure, fuel pressure, vacuum in combustion chamber, burner accident or boiler overheating is realized with a simple algorithm. An output variable is assigned to each input, taking in account the corresponding time delay. On the basis of the output variable value the boiler operation is blocked and an appropriate alarm is sent to the control cabinet.Read More
Any signal of 4-20 mA can be visualized due to the process display ITP11. That is why this device can be applied in any industrial process where is required indication of process parameters.Read More
1/26/2016 1:04 PM
The akYtec team welcomes you to our new website. You can find here all previous content and some new information as well. Feel free to browse through our web pages and leave us a feedback.Read More
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1/19/2016 8:03 PM
From now on you will receive our digital displays with a better light intensity. To make indicated values of low ranges more visible from away, we've up-dated the front plate of the already often used ITP11 universal display for 4-20 mA. Due to use of new materials, the light intensity in these ranges is more clear now. You will be pleasantly surprised by improved front panels, which are used with the other displays of this product spectrum: SMI2 and INS-F1.Read More
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1/4/2016 3:52 PM
From now on our universal displays ITP11 are also available with green LEDs. Therefore, it is possible to indicate data in different colors, what makes them more distinguishable. Furthermore, the ITP11-G has the same key technical data for which our universal display ITP11 with red LEDs is renowned. Satisfy yourself of the high quality of light intensity in this color spectrum.Read More
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