Ensuring Continuous Monitoring and Control of Server Room Parameters

akYtec Mx210 input and output modules play a key role in collecting data about the server room's condition. They enable continuous monitoring of various parameters, including air temperature, humidity, water leaks, UPS and cooling system operation parameters, as well as power supply and access control system (ACS) parameters. These devices ensure timely receipt of alarm, warning, and informational messages, which are essential elements for ensuring uninterrupted operation of an enterprise's information infrastructure.


Application of akYtec Mx210 Modules

We used from the akytec's portfolio:

  • MV210-212
  • MV210-101
  • DTS125
  • PVT

Other elements:

  • water leakage sensor
  • reed sensor
  • electricity meter with pulse outputs


Full technical description of the project

Key parameters monitored in server rooms include:

  • Air Temperature and Humidity: Maintaining optimal levels of temperature and humidity is necessary to prevent equipment overheating and damage.
  • Water Leak Detection: Monitoring water leakages allows timely responses to potentially hazardous situations and prevents equipment damage.
  • UPS and Cooling System Operation: Controlling UPS and cooling systems ensures continuous power supply and cooling of server equipment.
  • Power Supply Parameters: Monitoring power consumption and electricity usage enables efficient energy management and operational cost optimization.
  • Access Control System (ACS): Tracking the opening of server room doors and hot aisle ensures security and access control to critical areas.

It's important to note that information from akYtec Mx210 input and output modules is transmitted directly to the local network without an intermediate controller, ensuring fast and reliable data transmission.

To implement this scheme, discrete input modules with fast inputs (32DI) MV210-212 and analog input modules with universal inputs (8AI) MV210-101 are used.


  • Universal analog inputs for connecting resistance thermometers, thermocouples, resistive type sensors, and standardized current and voltage signals.
  • Individual configuration for each input.
  • Discrete inputs can operate in modes: pulse counter with a frequency of up to 100 kHz, frequency measurement up to 100 kHz, processing of encoder signals up to 100 kHz.
  • Dual 2-port Ethernet switch.
  • Support for Ethernet Bypass technology allows data transmission from one port to another without losing connection with other modules in case of abnormal situations.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40…+55 °C.
  • Continuous measurement profile stored in internal flash memory (archive).
  • Module configuration is performed using the ToolPro configurator.


akYtec products used in the project