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akYtec ToolPro

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ToolPro by akYtec is a free, efficient software designed for easy setup, configuration, and updating of akYtec devices. It features real-time monitoring, device grouping, and project management, with capabilities like value editing, password protection, and factory reset. The software also supports automatic updates and specialized functions like Modbus packet sniffing and IP address assignment. Ideal for professionals and beginners alike, akYtec ToolPro streamlines device management for optimal performance.

SoftwareAbsolutely free softwareFull customize for your project

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Product Description


    Reading and writing values
    Copying from device to device
    Setting the real-time clock
    Password protection
    Reset to factory settings

    Easy to set up

    Real-time parameter status
    Group setting of devices
    Saving/uploading a project
    Setting user names

    Software update

    Software update
    Automatic search for new versions on the server

    Viewing device information

    Software version
    List of network parameters
    Useful additional data

    Archive operation

    Saving the archive from the device to a PC in .csv format
    Calculation of the occupied volume

    Specialised functions

    Modbus packet sniffer
    Assignment of IP addresses by button on the device
    Analogue I/O calibration

    Note. The list of available functions may differ depending on the device.


    Devices configurable with ToolPro:


    Note. The list of devices configurable with ToolPro will increase.

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