ITP14 in industrial water treatment systems

Process indicators akYtec. The ITP14 is process display in industrial water treatment systems. This digital process meter is ideally suited for quick and convenient developing of visualization pressure for booster pump stations. Compact dimensions for installation in a standard hole for lighting fittings with a diameter of 22.5 mm.


ITP14 in industrial water treatment systems. ITP14 pressure indicator for booster pump stations

Object Description Booster pump stations are a key component of any city's centralized water supply system. These stations supply water to residential buildings and large social facilities. Typically, the automation system for booster pump stations consists of 3 control cabinets, an operator workstation, and a remote dispatcher computer.

Solution All automatic control algorithms are executed by the controller (e.g. Akytec PR200). For local control and quick response to emergency situations, it is necessary to have a bright display that will be visible in dimly lit rooms. For indication in dimly lit rooms, we recommend using indicators with red text on a black background for maximum contrast. Since the system operates with powerful pumps from 0.35 kW to 10 kW, we recommend using the ITP14, which needs to be powered by a 24 V power supply. The ITP14 is a bright and reliable indicator suitable for dark and dusty environments. Thanks to the built-in relay in the ITP14, there is the possibility to create additional protection against high pressure in the pipeline. The device has built-in logic, and when the setpoint is reached (the triggering threshold), the indicator closes or opens the built-in relay.

Result of using ITP14

  • Permanent visual monitoring of the main pressure parameters in the system
  • Possibility of emergency system shutdown in case of exceeding the critical setpoint


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