Pool automation system by akYtec

The system is engineered to automatically maintain the desired temperature in the pool. Each night, leveraging periods of lower electricity costs, it initiates water filtration and heats the pool water.


A depiction of an application diagram

From akYtec's range, we utilized the following components:

  • PR100 MINI PLC
  • DTS125L PT100 / PT1000
  • SMI2-M
  • PASF-60.24

Additional elements included:

  • Water pumps
  • Heat pump
  • Water filters
  • Reset button
  • Signal lamp


Body of the program in the akYtec ALP

Controller I/O Terminal Assignments:

  • I1: Connection for the external button to reset the heat pump logic.
  • AI1: Input for Temperature Sensor 1 (at the heat pump's intake).
  • AI2: Input for Temperature Sensor 2 (at the heat pump's output).

  • Q1: Output controlling Water Pump 1.
  • Q2: Output controlling Water Pump 2.
  • Q3: Output controlling the Heat Pump.
  • Q4: Output for the External LED Indicator.

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Input Variables:

  • Temperature Sensor 1: Holds the water temperature value at the heat pump's input side.
  • Temperature Sensor 2: Holds the water temperature value at the heat pump's output side.
  • Temperature - External display: Holds the water temperature value at the heat pump's output side.
  • Reset the Heat Pump: Stores a value of 1 or 0, depending on whether the reset button is pressed.

Changeable Parameters:

  • Schedule: The CLOCK1 block holds the schedule, which is adjustable.
  • Warmup Time: The TON1 block (inside the yellow area) specifies the duration allotted to the heat pump before the safety-check "protocol" activates.
  • Warmup Time: Positioned in the top-left section of the diagram.


Full technical description of the project

The CLOCK1 block (represented in green) triggers Pump 1 and Pump 2 to operate according to the predetermined schedule. Subsequently, the program (indicated by an orange) evaluates if the "Temperature Sensor 1" variable is below 29 degrees (the desired water temperature, set within a red). If so, the heat pump is engaged.

Concurrently, as soon as the "Heat Pump" variable attains a value of 1, the safety-check "protocol" initiates (highlighted in yellow).

The safety-check "protocol" initially grants the heat pump a 10-minute period to reach its "working condition." Following this interval, the protocol compares the difference between the "Temperature Sensor 2" and "Temperature Sensor 1" variables. If the difference exceeds 2 degrees, the system is deemed operational. Conversely, if the difference is less or equal to 2, the heat pump is "blocked," and the external LED indicator begins to blink (depicted in purple).

To reset the PLC logic and render the system operational after addressing any issues with the heat pump, it's necessary to press the "Reset Heat Pump Button".

With our PLC-based control system, you can effortlessly enjoy the optimal pool environment. The akYtec PR100 MINI PLC, paired with the Akytec DTS125L PT100 / PT1000 temperature sensor, guarantees precise temperature measurements, ensuring your pool is consistently maintained at your preferred comfort level.


Our system's automated features offer:

Seamless Temperature Control: The akYtec PR100 and DTS125L PT100 tirelessly work 24/7 to maintain your water at the ideal temperature. Whether you're looking to cool off on a scorching day or enjoy a warm swim on a chilly evening, your pool will always be ready to welcome you.

Energy Savings: Benefit from our intelligent system that smartly adjusts heating and filtration times, significantly cutting down on energy consumption without compromising the pool's quality.

Prolonged Equipment Life: Our system's accurate and consistent control minimizes stress on your pool's equipment, prolonging the lifespan of your investment and ensuring lasting enjoyment of your pool.

Clear informing: With our SMI2-M display you will always be informed about the temperature of water that goes into the pool. SMI2-M allows you to choose from 3 colors to be set on your display, so that you can always recognise it from the first sight.


akYtec products used in the project

  • PASF-60.24