Wireless farm monitoring solutions by akYtec

Project Overview:

akYtec's engineering team has successfully completed a project for a client managing a dairy farm. The client sought to collect data from standalone structures, specifically cow shelters, to ensure optimal living conditions for the livestock. The main problems faced by engineers were limited budgets and the inability to lay cables between buildings. To achieve this, we utilized a beta version of akYtec Cloud, in conjunction with our sensors and I/O modules.

System Description:

Each standalone building is equipped with a dispatching panel that houses Mx210 modules and a network gateway. The building's engineering system parameters are monitored by input/output modules featuring Ethernet Bypass technology. This technology ensures continuous data transmission between modules in the event of a module failure. The parameters monitored include:

  • Water temperature and pressure in the supply system.
  • Air temperature and humidity within the shelter.
  • Status of engineering systems, including signals from gas analyzers.
  • Position of automatic circuit breakers and backup supply parameters.

Data collected by the input/output modules is transmitted to akYtec Cloud via gateways.


akYtec Cloud Features:

  • Visualization of parameters on the dispatcher's workstation through schematics.
  • Maintenance of event logs and archives.
  • Adjustment of threshold values for various parameters.
  • Easy scalability and adaptability of the dispatching system to meet additional requirements.


A depiction of an application diagram

akYtec products used in the project:

  • MV210-101
  • MV210-214
  • MV210-204
  • DTS
  • PD100
  • ToolPro

Coming soon:

  • akYtec Cloud
  • GG-24-Cloud


Full technical description of the project

Key Features of the Project:

  • Flexible and scalable monitoring system.
  • Wireless data transfer capabilities.
  • Integration of equipment from other manufacturers into the system.
  • Remote control of the system via smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Additional akYtec Cloud Capabilities:

  • Schematic display of parameters on the workstation.
  • Event log and archive maintenance.
  • Threshold value adjustments for various parameters.
  • Easy scaling and adaptation of the monitoring system to meet future requirements.!


akYtec products used in the project