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Humidity Transmitters

For now, akYtec offers two products for humidity and temperature measurement: PVT10 and PVT100. Both devices are multifunctional and user-friendly.

The main advantage of our transducers is a highly sensitive temperature and humidity sensor, which is characterized by very high quality. Another important feature of this sensor is a low inertia.

Besides measuring the ambient temperature and humidity, each of the two analog outputs of both devices can also be configured to determine the dew point.

All transmitters are equipped with two independent outputs, supporting the most commonly used in industry analog signals. In order to switch them between 4-20 mA and 0-10 V, two jumpers are available on the circuit board. The board also contains screwless terminals, which allow fast and easy wiring of our transmitters.

Another significant feature of our humidity transmitters is their enclosures. The PVT10 has a compact ergonomic housing of IP20 protection degree for indoor wall mounting. Regarding the PVT100, it can be used in both, in and outdoors, thanks to its higher degree of protection (IP65). In addition to wall mounting capability, the PVT100 can also be supplied with a remote probe or be delivered in the duct mount enclosure, depending on the device version.

By means of the RS485 interface, all our humidity and temperature transmitters can be integrated into any Fieldbus network via the ‘Modbus RTU’ protocol.

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