The ITP14is a universally-applicable process display for monitoring and controlling industrial processes. It has a configurable analog input for voltage signals (0–10 V) or current signals (4–20 mA and others). It also has an NPN transistor output to control a load up to 42 V DC / 200 mA and to implement ON/OFF control. The individual groups (input, output, power supply) are galvanically isolated from each other.

In the following video are presented:

  • 1 Scope of delivery [0:04]
  • 2 Experimental setup with wire connection [1:12]
  • 3 Functions and configuration [2:39]
  • 3.1 Simple operation and sample display of a temperature [2:44]
  • 3.2 Configuration of the alarm and activation of the NPN transistor output [5:01]
  • 3.3 Setting of “safe output state” [7:32]