With the introduction of the ITP15 Bar Graph Display, akYtec GmbH has expanded its product line of compact process displays in an exclusive design. Besides its primary purpose, the 10-segment bar-graph process indication, the ITP15 has the alarm and control capability. Having a bar graph display on the control panel allows the operator to visually analyze the real-time read percentage of the measured value.

Each segment can light green or red depending on the setpoint limits so that the operator could instantly evaluate if the process is safe or unsafe. If the unit is flashing with three red segments on both sides, a short circuit or sensor break has occurred. The corresponding alarm alert can be transmitted to a supervisory device via the NPN transistor output. With this output, the ITP15 is also able to handle a local on/off control of a load of up to 200 mA, 42 V DC.

On the input side, this bargraph display unit can be used for connecting to any linear voltage or current signal of 0(2)-10 V or 0(4)-20 mA respectively. The input signal can be scaled to the display range within 0...100%.

Either horizontally or vertically, the ITP15 bar graph display can be effortlessly installed in a standard 22.5mm mounting cutout without any tools, e.g., screwdrivers, hex wrenches, drill bits, etc.