In this video, we will use the programming environment akYtec ALP to create a multi-mode control program for an industrial mixer. The program can be used in combination with warning elements like signal horns, signal lights, etc. For realizing the industrial mixer control akYtec’s PR200 programmable relay can be used, other Mini PLCs from akYtec feature similar I/Os and are also very well suited to accomplish the same task.

In the following, you will find the timestamps for the video:

  • Program Description
  • Required Function Blocks
  • Step 1: Implementation of the modes
  • Step 2: Implementation of the automatic mode
  • Step 3: Implementation of the manual mode
  • Step 4: Implementation of the control for the warning elements
  • Step 5: Implementation of a reset for the warning elements
  • Step 6: Implementation of a test function for the warning elements
  • Simulation
  • Further information