Any signal of 4-20 mA can be visualized due to the process display ITP11. That is why this device can be applied in any industrial process where the indication of process parameters is required. For example, industrial boiler:



Easy mounting

All similar indicators in the market have rectangle form. ITP11, in opposite, has a cylindrical body, which fits into boreholes of Ø22.5 mm for standard signal lamps and push-buttons. This reduces mounting time, comparing with usual rectangle devices.

Compact size

ITP11 digital display fits not only into any control cabinet, but also into push-button boxes as well.

Simple wiring

Just two signal wires are required when making electrical connection. The display is powered from a current loop so there is no need to use any additional power supply units for ITP11.

Quick setup

Only two parameters must be set to start the device operation. This can be performed just via three programming buttons on the display enclosure. As a result, less than one minute is needed to setup ITP11 for operation.