Automated Gate Control System

Unlock the potential of precision agriculture with Akytec's state-of-the-art automated irrigation systems. Our advanced PR200 controller and robust pressure sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, providing you with an unparalleled level of control and efficiency.


A depiction of an application diagram
  • Pump (labeled near the figure of a person operating a pump)
  • Water Source (where the pump is drawing from)
  • Dry running sensor (attached to the pump)
  • Bypass Valve (next to the dry running sensor)
  • No Return Valve (above the Bypass Valve)
  • Sand Separator Hydro-Cyclone (part of the water treatment system)
  • Venturi (part of the injection system for fertilizers or other additives)
  • Air Valve (on top of the main water line)
  • Sand Filter (for filtering out sand from the water)
  • Pressure Gauge (above the Sand Filter)
  • Screen Filter (additional filtration stage)
  • PD111 (associated with the Screen Filter, might be a model number or identifier)
  • Main Line (primary water distribution pipeline)
  • Submain Line (secondary distribution line branching off the main line)
  • End Stop (at the end of the distribution line)
  • Polytube / Lateral (type of tubing used for drip irrigation)
  • Dripper / Emitter (devices that deliver water directly to the plants)
  • Flush Valve (used to clean out the system, located at the end of the polytube/lateral)
  • Lateral Flush Valve (located on the lateral line)
  • Soil Moisture Sensor (inserted into the ground near the plants)


Body of the program in the akYtec ALP

Body of the program in the akYtec ALP

Designation of the Controller I/O Terminals:

  • I1: Dry running sensor ( outputs 1 when there is no water in pipes)
  • I2: Sand separator is working ( outputs 1 when Sand separator is working)
  • I3: Reset sand separator (when user presses a button, system resets its state)
  • AI1: Humidity sensor 1 ( gives value of humidity of soil )
  • AI2: Humidity sensor 2 ( gives value of humidity of soil )
  • AI3: Pressure in sand filter (gives value of pressure in sand filter)

  • Q1: Water pump
  • Q2: Sand separator
  • Q3: “Non return” valve
  • Q4: “Bypass” valve

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System is designed to automatically start watering plants when low soil-humidity is detected. Before the water pump is activated, the system checks if any safety sensors are triggered, if so pump activation is aborted.

Safety sensors are:

  • Dry running sensor, which is triggered if there is no water in pipes
  • Pressure sensor, which is triggered if pressure in sand filter is above limits
  • Sand separator is malfunctioned, which is triggered if sand separator is not working


Systems self protection

After the water pump is activated, the system starts monitoring if the sand separator is functional. If in some moment the sand separator stops, after 30 seconds self protection is activated.

Self protection procedure is consisted of:

  • Turning OFF water pump
  • Closing "Non return" valve
  • Opening "Bypass" valve

This way the system will be self-preserved in case that some of its parts are no longer functional.

After self protection is activated, the user is intended to replace/fix the malfunctioning part and press reset button. This way system sensors will be reseted and the system will try to run once more.


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