Pharmaceutical Warehouse

The client of akYtec needed a comprehensive set of services to establish a continuous monitoring system for collecting data on the temperature and humidity conditions in a pharmaceutical warehouse.


Here's what our engineers did:

  • Temperature mapping of premises to assess risk zones.
  • Development, supply, and installation of a continuous monitoring system for temperature and humidity.
  • Integration of akYtec equipment into the system using PLC or SCADA systems from other manufacturers.
  • Subsequent validation tests of the monitoring system with the preparation of relevant protocols and reports.
Pharmaceutical Warehouse Scheme

For the creation of the monitoring system, akYtec equipment was used:

  • Input modules MV210-101 — 4 units
  • Temperature sensor DTS125 — 20 units
  • Process indicator ITP14 — 32 units
  • Temperature and humidity sensor PVT — 6 units.


The sequence of implementation and integration of the system:

Step №1 - Temperature mapping was conducted. Measurements were taken over 7 days for the most reliable analysis of temperature distribution in the premises. Based on this distribution, locations for the installation of sensors for the stationary monitoring system were identified.

Step №2 - Development and installation of a continuous monitoring and data collection system for temperature and humidity regime. The key requirement of the client was to build a monitoring system using akYtec equipment and devices from other manufacturers, as some of the devices had already been purchased by the client.

Step №3 - Validation of the monitoring system to meet the key requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. All tests were documented in protocols and reports, which were then handed over to the client.


akYtec products used in the project