Pumping equipment control

In their work, specialists of the I&C department often perform various tasks on maintenance of process equipment, various preventive maintenance and, of course, modernization of control systems.

A depiction of an application diagram

A pumping equipment control system was created to provide water supply to production shops and office premises. Water from an artesian well is supplied to two storage and communicating tanks, and is pumped through a pipeline into the internal network by means of a water supply pump.

The supply pump is equipped with an automatic system that monitors the pressure in the system and shuts it off if the pressure (6 bar) is exceeded. The pump, pumping water, with a capacity of 180 l/min fills a storage tank of 5,000 liters, this water goes to the production of vinegar and bottling of water. Backup pump provides independent operation of the water supply system. If the working pump fails, it is disconnected from the system and the standby pump is activated.

The akYtec PD100 pressure transmitter is designed to monitor system pressure effectively. It is a specialized pressure transmitter ideal for HVAC systems, pumps, compressors, boilers, and water supply systems. Utilizing diffused silicon sensors, the PD100 offers superior sensitivity and accuracy compared to other sensor technologies, ensuring precise pressure measurement for various applications.

The akYtec 2TRM1 single-channel controller regulates and displays the current pressure. A low level sensor acts as dry run protection.


Body of the program in the akYtec ALP Body of the program in the akYtec ALP

The system utilizes three non-contact capacitive sensors that are mounted on the tanks. When the water level drops below the set level, the pump automatically switches on and runs until the water level reaches the upper level. When the emergency level sensor is activated, the pump is switched off and the alarm is indicated.

Selection of programmable relay mini-PLC akYtecPR100 can easily handle the tasks of supplying, pumping and monitoring of pumping equipment. The AkYtec ALP 2.2 environment was used to program the PR100.

Pump control algorithms are presented in the form of corresponding macros, which are created in the main window. In this project the following signals are controlled:

  • I1: lower level of water intake (dry run protection of the pump);
  • I2: pressure level reached signal (2TRM1);
  • I3: water supply switch;
  • I4: pump thermal protection (pump fault signal);

  • Q1: pump start outputs
  • Q2: EMERGENCY indicator

Accordingly, a macro with three inputs and two outputs is created. The correctness of the program operation can be checked with the help of the built-in simulator at the development stage and to identify any errors.

Programmable relay replaces bulky relay circuits, significantly reducing maintenance costs, as it allows you to change the algorithm of operation, if necessary, to adapt local control systems.

PR100 is one of the most budget-friendly devices on the market, which distinguishes it from its analogs.

And one more important factor for PR100 programming is that it is not necessary to have special skills of programmer and circuit designer.


download sample project 1 download sample project 2


akYtec products used in the project

  • PR100
  • PD100
  • 2TRM1
  • PASB-30.24