One of the most world popular foods, which is important in our daily lives goes is bread. Hardly anything smells as delicious as freshly baked bread. Bread has been baked all over the world for thousands of years, and its popularity remains intact. We are celebrating "World Bread Day" on October 16. Every year there are more and more new types of bread and pastries. For ancient recipes, which will never lose their value and popularity, we use modern baking equipment.


The rotary oven is an essential element in the bread-making process. It ensures perfect uniform baking, even of the most delicate products. A system based on akYtec products is cost-effective and can be used in rotary ovens from many manufacturers.

Process cycle

The dough is cut and placed on a tray. The trays are placed in a wheeled trolley and inserted onto a rotating platform in the oven. There are three groups of heating elements in the oven. The temperature in the heating element zone and the baking chamber is controlled by PT100 temperature sensors. The fan creates airflow in the baking chamber to evenly distribute the hot air. The frequency converter controls the speed of the fan. The steam generator humidifies the air to achieve high-quality baking in the area of the heating element. A flap controlled by an electric motor is used to recirculate the air inside the oven and discharge it into the ventilation system when the baking process is finished.

Concept of using akYtec products

akYtec's Mini-PLC PR200 programmable relay and a human-machine interface can form the basis of an oven control system. This combination can provide:

  • display of operating mode information, faults, and emergency conditions;
  • entry and modification of parameters;
  • archive for storing recipes, operating times;
  • indication of time.

Two akYtec SMI2-M indicators are installed for easy informing. The first SMI2-M displays temperature. The second one displays the baking time. These values can be seen from a distance.

The analog input module MV110 from akYtec with an RS-485 interface ensures the collection of data from temperature sensors installed in the baking chamber and the heating zone. The system makes it possible to bake various types of bread using up to 100 recipes. If necessary, it is possible to switch to manual control mode.

The system continuously monitors the status of the device. In emergencies, it can automatically switch the oven into a safe state. Security functions allow passwords to be set to control the furnace. These prevent unauthorized personnel from interfering with the operation of the furnace.

The control system algorithm

Select the cooking program. The control system starts the fan. The cooking chamber is heated by switching on groups of heating elements according to the selected program. The cooking process begins when the pre-set temperature is reached, which is indicated by a sound signal. The heating process can start automatically at the pre-set time. After placing the products in the chamber, the operator, using the touch panel, start the countdown process. The operator can choose to set:

  • fan speed,
  • temperature,
  • humidity inside the cooking cabinet,
  • baking time,
  • flap position (%).
Wiring diagram

At the end of the process, the system offers either to complete the baking process or to set a time for prolonging the process. This function is available in case the person in charge of the cooking process thinks that the products are not ready yet. If no action is taken, the oven goes into a safe state. The furnace signals the end of the process with a beeping sound.