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SKU: smi2
SMI2-M is a universally applicable LED display that receives data from a network over RS485 interface using Modbus RTU / ASCII protocols and can be operated in slave, master or spy mode.

LED colorModbus protocolRS485 interfacethe process display can be used as a Modbus Master or SlaveUSB interfacepower supply 24 V DCeasy mounting in a Ø22.5 mm holequick mountingcompact designthe process display can be installed into a push-button boxIP65 rated enclosureCharacter height 14 mmAmbient temperature
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Product Description

    The SMI2-M is a universal multi-color display for monitoring and control of industrial processes. Due to the proven RS485 interface, the device can be easily integrated into any Modbus industrial network. The device is configurable via the micro USB. In this mode, the main power supply is not required.

    This device has a compact enclosure that fits into a standard Ø22.5 mm mounting cutout, which provides quick and easy installation of many displays of this kind to be accommodated on a control panel or at the control cabinet door.

    The device requires 24 V DC power supply. The enclosure provides the IP65 rating on the front and can be operated in the temperature range between -40 and +70 °C. Removable terminal blocks allow quick and easy device replacement.

    Functions and features:
    • Slave mode: receiving data from Master
    • Master mode: querying data from Slave
    • Spy mode: listening-in to data requested by the Master from another Slave
    • Displaying received data according to display settings
    • Error indication if no master activity or variable cannot be displayed
    • Configuration with the akYtecToolPro software over USB interface
    • Modification of configuration parameters over Modbus network
    Power supply 12 / 24 (10...48) V DC
    Power consumption, max. 1.6 W
    Display 4 digits with sign, 7 segments
    Colors green, yellow, red
    Character height 14 mm
    Network interface RS485
    Protocol Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII
    Mode Master, Slave, Spy
    Baud rate 2.4…115.2 kbit/s
    Galvanic isolation to power supply 500 V / 1 min.
    Configuration interface USB2.0 (Micro-USB)
    Configuration software akYtecToolPro
    Flash memory write cycles, min. 10000
    Enclosure panel mounting in Ø22.5 mm borehole
    Dimensions 48 x 26 x 65 mm
    IP Code front IP65, rear IP20
    Application class III (according to IEC 61140)
    Weight approx. 30 g
    Ambient temperature -40...+70 °C
    Transportation and storage -40...+70 °C
    Humidity up to 80% (non-condensing)
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