Our programming developers keep on improving the akYtec ALP software tool for our mini-PLC PR200, and, more recently, our new SMI200 programmable compact controller.

Among many improvements and new functions, the online I/O status monitoring is worth mentioning the most. Now you can observe the user program being executed in the device in real time. This function saves a considerable amount of time when troubleshooting during commissioning. Online I/O monitoring should be the first step towards full online debugging. Therefore, the program run-stop feature, the possibility of editing a required value, step-by-step program execution, and other features will be added shortly.

Another big step towards simplifying programming with akYtec ALP is the templates of network variables. You can save a whole set of adjusted network variables as a file. This file can be later used for another slave device, even in another project. For example, there is an MX110 expansion module (or any other RS485 I/O module) connected to a PR200 programmable relay. The PR200 is the Master device, and the MX110 is a Slave device. You have defined and configured a variable for each input of the module. Now this set of variables can be saved as a file. Whenever you need to add another I/O module of this type to the current configuration or to another project, you can use this file. As a result, the module will be configured instantly, saving a lot of time and effort. It is planned to add a similar function for network variables of the master device as well.