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akYtec ALP

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akYtec ALP software tool is a programming environment for akYtec programmable relays. Projects for programmable relays are written in the programming language FBD (Function Block Diagram) and ST (Structured text) according to IEC 61131-3. akYtec ALP is completely free.

Free softwareFBD (Function Block Diagram) programming languageProgramming language ST (Structured text)Creating your own macrosBase of the most useful macrosSimulation modeAbsolutly free softwareFull customize for your project

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Product Description

    The algorithm is created in the FBD functional block language using ready-made components:

    • Logical functions: AND, OR, NOT, etc.
    • Arithmetic operations: ADDITION, MULTIPLICATION, COMPARISON, etc.
    • Functional blocks: COUNTERS, TIMERS, PID controller, etc.

    User-defined functions and function blocks in ST text language with support for:

    • Calling other functions and FBs inside the FB
    • Local one-dimensional arrays

    The ALP interface and help are completely in English and German. The help contains a complete description of the function blocks. Working with the interface and all the capabilities of ALP are described in detail.

    The ALP environment allows you to create your own functional blocks - macros. The created macros can be used in other projects as ready-made functional blocks. This significantly reduces the time for developing algorithms and the workspace on the canvas.

    You can debug the project without a connected device. For this purpose, a project simulation function has been added to the ALP environment.

    Online debugging reduces project debugging and commissioning time.

    You can store macros in your own offline macro database in the ALP environment. In addition to its own macros, ALP has an online database of ready-made macros. These are ready-made counters, analog conversions, regulators, macros for ventilation and pump control. Programming practically comes down to configuration - connecting functional blocks to each other.


    ALP and firmware updates will be available directly from the environment. When a new update is released, ALP will offer to update to the new version.

    Work with cloud storage will be added

    A programmable relay can be a Network Master - control devices via the RS-485 network. For this purpose, Akytec devices templates with ready-made settings and parameters will be added to ALP. This significantly reduces setup time via RS-485.

Additional Information


    I have 2 self-written macros "Average" and "8 INT_M". If the macro "Average" is already used in a project, I cannot import the macro "8 INT_M" anymore. The message appears: The macro "8 INT_M" already exists... replace? Yes/No Why is it happening, and how can I import this macro?
    This happens because you are trying to import a macro with an already existing ID, though its name and content are different. Most likely, you created one macro, used the command ‘Export macro’, modified this very same macro, and then exported it with a different name. In this case, akYtec ALP assigned an inner ID for the first macro and never changed it even after you had used the Export macro command once again. To overcome this collision, you should have used the command ‘Save macro as…’ before exporting the second macro based on the first one.
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