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PR103 Ethernet-Enabled Mini-PLC

SKU: PR103
PR103 is a Mini-PLC with extended communication capabilities and a total of 26 built-in digital and analog I/Os designed to implement basic control systems for various applications such as lighting control, pumping control, ventilation and heating control, and others.

6 digital inputs4 fast digital inputs8 digital outputs6 analog inputs2 analog outputsModbus RTU/ASCII/TCPRS485 interfaceEthernetUSB interfacebuilt-in real-time clockDIN rail mountingsoftware at no chargeAmbient temperature

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Product Description

    PR103 is a Mini-PLC with extended communication capabilities thanks to its Ethernet port and two RS485 interfaces as well as both Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols. While communicating via Modbus RTU/ASCII over the RS485 interfaces on the field/control level, PR103 can use the Ethernet port and Modbus TCP to ‘bridge’ data to the supervisory level of the automation pyramid.

    The PR103 Mini-PLC is equipped with 10 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 6 analog inputs, and 2 analog outputs. Moreover, 4 of 10 digital inputs can be used as pulse counters processing signals from 100-kHz encoders. Concerning the analog inputs, they are configurable and can operate with a wide range of RTDs, NTC/PTC, as well as with standard linear signals of 4-20 mA or 0-10 V. Furthermore, the built-in I/Os may be directly expanded with up to two extension modules of the PRM series.

    Thanks to built-in flash memory, the logging of, e.g. values on analog inputs/outputs, pulse counters, device status, etc., is possible. The file is stored in the CSV format, which allows its running in almost any spreadsheet editor, for example, Excel.

    Designed for installation on a DIN rail in a control cabinet, PR103 can operate in non-heated environments down to -40°C as well as in heated ones in temperatures up to +55°C.

    A user program is written in function block diagram language in the akYtec ALP programming software, which is available free of charge. The control algorithm is loaded into the device memory via a micro USB cable connection.

    Functions and features
    • Ethernet port (Modbus TCP, Client/Server)
    • 2x RS485 interfaces (Modbus RTU/ASCII, Master/Slave)
    • 10 digital inputs, 4 of which support pulse counting (up to 100 kHz)
    • 6 analog inputs, each capable of connecting:
      • RTD sensors (Pt500/1000, Ni500/1000, etc.)
      • NTC/PTC sensors
      • 4-20 mA / 0-10 V signals
      • Digital signals
    • 2 analog outputs configurable for 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
    • PRM-expandable: up to 32 additional I/O points over an internal bus with no loss in performance
    • Extended operation temperature range: -40...+55 ºС
    • USB-powered in the programming mode
    • Software-based features include: retain variables, day timer, week timer, PID control, etc.
    • Real-time clock
    • Logging function
    Enclosure design features
    • Thanks to its MCB-like form, the device enclosure fits perfectly fit into almost any consumer unit not to mention control cabinets
    • Removable terminal blocks
    • Convenient battery replacement


    PR103.24.2.3 24 V DC, 10DI + 8DO + 6AI + 2AO, 2x RS485 (Modbus RTU/ASCII), Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
    Power supply 24 (9...30) V DC
    Power consumption, max. 10 W
    Real Time Clock Backup 5 years (CR2032)
    Real Time Clock accuracy ± 3 s/day
    Extension modules up to 2 PRMs
    Dataset size, max. 2 kB
    Logging cycle, min. 30 sec
    File type *.CSV
    Configuration software akYtec Tool Pro
    Programming environment akYtec ALP
    Programming language FBD
    Programming interface Mini-USB, Ethernet
    Memory ROM 128 kB
    RAM 32 kB
    Retain memory 1016 Byte
    Interfaces 2x RS485, Ethernet
    Protocols Modbus TCP (Slave)
    Baud rate 10/100 MBit/s
    Galvanic isolation 510 W
    Quantity 2
    Protocols Modbus RTU / ASCII (Master / Slave)
    Baud rate 9.6...115.2 KBit/s
    Galvanic isolation 1500 W
    Digital inputs
    Quantity 6
    Type Switch contact
    Logical states 1 8.5...30 V DC (2...5 mA)
    0 -3...+5 V DC (0...15 mA)
    Galvanic isolation in groups of 2 and 4
    Fast digital inputs
    Quantity 4
    Logical states 1 8.5...30 V DC (2...5 mA)
    0 -3...+5 V DC (0...15 mA)
    Pulse width, min. 5 mks
    Pulse frequency, max. 100 kHz
    Galvanic isolation in group of 4
    Universal inputs
    Quantity 6
    Input signal Analog / Digital
    Galvanic isolation none
    Analog input 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-300 kOhm
    Pt1000, PTC, NTC
    (the complete list)
    ADC resolution 12 bit
    Digital outputs
    Quantity 8
    Type relay, NO
    Galvanic isolation individual
    Switching capacity AC 5 A, 250 V (resistive load)
    DC 3 A, 30 V
    Minimum load current 10 mA (at 5 V DC)
    Analog outputs
    Quantity 2
    Analog outputs 4-20 mA, 0-10 V
    Permissible load 15...30 V
    DAC resolution 12 bit
    Galvanic isolation individual
    Ambient temperature -40...+55 °C
    Storage temperature -25...+55 °C
    Humidity up to 80 % (at +25 °C, non-condencing)
    IP Code IP20
    Dimensions 123 × 108 × 58 mm
    Weight approx. 350 g
    Material plastic
    Sensor Measuring range 
    RTD according to IEC 60751:2008
    Pt500, Pt1000 -200…+850°C
    Cu500, Cu1000 -50…+200°C
    Ni500, Ni1000 -60…+180°C
    RTD according to GOST 6651
    500P, 1000P -200…+850°C
    500M, 1000M -50…+200°C
    Thermistors / NTC
    B57861S series, 2 kΩ, B25/100 = 3560 -55…+100°C
    B57861S series, 3 kΩ, B25/100 = 3988 -55…+145°C
    B57861S series, 5 kΩ, B25/100 = 3988 -35…+145°C
    B57861S series, 10 kΩ, B25/100 = 3988 -35…+155°C
    B57861S series, 30 kΩ, B25/100 = 3964 -20…+155°C
    B57861S series, 50 kΩ, B25/100 = 3760 -10…+155°C
    NTC 3435, 10 kΩ -40…+105°C
    NTC 3977, 10 kΩ -40…+125°C
    Thermistors / PTC
    KTY82-110 -55…+150°C
    Standart signals
    0-10 V
    4-20 mA
    Resistive signal
    0-300 kOhm 0...100%
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