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SMI200 Programmable compact controller

SKU: smi200
Compact and easy-to-mount panel PLC

The SMI200 is a compact symbolic operator panel with control logic. It is designed for displaying and editing textual and digital parameters of a system and can be used in harsh operating conditions alongside programmable relays, controllers, or input/output modules connected via an RS-485 network.

The SMI200 comes equipped with an RS-485 interface for device control over the network or data transmission to the upper level. The device programming is carried out using akYtec ALP programming software over micro-USB.

The SMI200 enables control and regulation of indoor or outdoor lighting, heating, ventilation, and pumps as well as roller shutters and doors.

LCD displayModbus RTU/ASCIIRS485 interfaceUSB interfacebuilt-in real-time clockeasy mounting in a Ø22.5 mm holeIP65 codesoftware at no chargeAmbient temperature
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Product Description

    The SMI200 is a programmable compact controller which can be used either as a compact HMI in addition to the main PLC or as a local compact PLC+HMI unit in combination with expansion modules.

    SMI200 provides an alternative

    "local compact PLC+HMI unit in combination with expansion modules" "compact HMI in addition to the main PLC"

    Thanks to its cylindrical design, the SMI200 can easily be integrated into a standard 22.5 mm mounting cutout in a control panel or at a control cabinet door. Besides simplifying the installation and saving some space in the control cabinet, this solution improves the usability of the main PLC. There is no need to open the control cabinet door to operate the main unit or read parameters on display.

    The SMI200 goes without any digital/analog inputs and outputs, yet it features an RS485 interface as an alternative, which makes the device exceptionally compact. Moreover, it provides freedom of choice for I/O points to flexibly meet various requirements of an automation task in question.

    A control system with the SMI200 as the base unit can be expanded if needed. Any required combination of up to 16 I/O modules (e.g., our Mx110 Series) can be connected to the SMI200 over the RS485 interface via Modbus. In this Modbus network, the SMI200 can act as the Master or as a Slave device.

    The compact controller lives up to its name with its dimensions: it measures 100x60 millimeters and weighs 150 grams. The freely programmable device is equipped with a two-line LCD, a micro-USB interface, and a real-time clock. The SMI200 enables control and regulation of indoor or outdoor lighting, heating, ventilation, and pumps as well as roller shutters and doors

    Functions and features:
    • Freely programmable device
    • 2-line 32-character LCD display
    • Master / Slave in a Modbus network over RS485
    • Easy mounting in a ø 22.5 mm borehole
    • Programming software akYtec ALP ( at no charge)
    • Real-time clock
    Areas of applications:
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems
    • HVAC applications
    • Engine control
    • Oven / furnace / kiln control
    • Lifting systems
    • Access control

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    SMI200 programmable compact controller with 24 VDC supply voltage, LCD display, RS485.
    Power supply 24 (9...32) V DC
    Power consumption, max. 2.5 W
    Display LCD with backlight,
    2-line, 2x16-characters
    Function keys 6
    Real Time Clock yes
    Mounting ø 22.5 mm borehole
    Ambient temperature -20...+55 °C
    IP code front IP54, rear IP20
    Dimensions 100 x 60 x 60 mm
    Weight approx. 150 g
    Programming environment akYtec ALP
    Programming language FBD
    ROM memory 128 kB
    Retain memory 1020 Byte
    RS485 2-pole connector
    Protocols Modbus RTU / ASCII (Master / Slave)
    Baud rate 9.6...115.2 kbit/s
    Programming interface Micro-USB

    Modbus communication between SMI200 and PR200. Sample Project

    Having gone through all the pages, you will answer the following questions by yourself:

    • - How to establish a successful communication between SMI200/PR200 and PC?
    • - How to make PR200 operate as Master, read some values (INT and REAL) from a Slave device (SMI200), and display them on its LCD?
    • - How to make SMI200 operate in the Master mode, read some values from a Slave device (PR200) in two ways – using network variables and directly from Modbus registers – and display them on its LCD?

    Product description

Additional Information

    Application of SMI200 in control systems for mobile installations rs485

    Application of SMI200 in control systems for mobile installations

    Using SMI200 as a remote panel for the Akytec PR100 programmable relay

    Using SMI200 as a remote panel for the Akytec PR100 programmable relay

    smi200 rs485

    Up to 16 Digital Modules can be connected to the SMI200



    I have 2 self-written macros "Average" and "8 INT_M". If the macro "Average" is already used in a project, I cannot import the macro "8 INT_M" anymore. The message appears: The macro "8 INT_M" already exists... replace? Yes/No Why is it happening, and how can I import this macro?
    This happens because you are trying to import a macro with an already existing ID, though its name and content are different. Most likely, you created one macro, used the command ‘Export macro’, modified this very same macro, and then exported it with a different name. In this case, akYtec ALP assigned an inner ID for the first macro and never changed it even after you had used the Export macro command once again. To overcome this collision, you should have used the command ‘Save macro as…’ before exporting the second macro based on the first one.
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    How to display negative values on the display?
    Only positive INT values can be stored in the Modbus registers. Positive values in the range of 0 to 32767 are stored as usual. To write a negative number in Modbus registers, you need to add 65536 to that number. For example, the number – 1 corresponds to 65535 in Modbus registers and -100 corresponds to 65436. In Akytec ALP you can find the INT16 macro in the component manager, which performs this conversion and outputs either an INT or a REAL value.
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