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SMI200 Programmable compact controller

SKU: smi200
The SMI200 is a programmable compact controller for monitoring and control industrial processes. Instead of a number of inputs and outputs, the device is equipped with an RS485 interface. Due to this solution, the SMI200's enclosure is significantly minimized and fits into a standard 22.5 mm borehole for signal lamps, which provides quick and easy installation plus plenty of SMI200s can be accommodated in a control cabinet door or on a panel. Over the RS485 interface, any Modbus extension modules (e.g., our Mx110 Series) can be connected to the device. As a result, any required combination of I/O-points can be selected. In a Modbus network, the SMI200 can operate both as a Master and as a Slave. The device programming is carried out using akYtec ALP programming software over micro-USB.

LCD displayModbus RTU/ASCIIRS485 interfaceUSB interfacebuilt-in real-time clockeasy mounting in a Ø22.5 mm holeIP65 codesoftware at no chargeAmbient temperature
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Product Description

    SMI200 is a programmable controller with 2-line 32-character LCD display designed for a wide variety of applications in industrial and building automation from simple display to complex process control functions.

    The controller can operate as a master or slave in a Modbus network over RS485 interface. In order to be integrated into a Modbus network, this controller has to be configured and programmed with the akYtec ALP software included on the USB stick.

    This device has a compact standardizeded design and fits into a standard 22.5 mm borehole for signal lamps. This provides quick and easy installation, and many displays can be accommodated in a control cabinet door or on a panel.

    Functions and features:
    • Freely programmable device
    • 2-line 32-character LCD display
    • Master / Slave in a Modbus network over RS485
    • Easy mounting in a ø 22.5 mm borehole
    • Programming software akYtec ALP ( at no charge)
    • Real-time clock
    Areas of applications:
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems
    • HVAC applications
    • Engine control
    • Oven / furnace / kiln control
    • Lifting systems
    • Access control

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    SMI200 programmable compact controller with 24 VDC supply voltage, LCD display, RS485.
    Power supply 24 (9...32) V DC
    Power consumption, max. 2.5 W
    Display LCD with backlight,
    2-line, 2x16-characters
    Function keys 6
    Real Time Clock yes
    Mounting ø 22.5 mm borehole
    Ambient temperature -20...+55 °C
    IP code front IP54, rear IP20
    Dimensions 100 x 60 x 60 mm
    Weight approx. 150 g
    Programming environment akYtec ALP
    Programming language FBD
    ROM memory 128 kB
    Retain memory 1020 Byte
    RS485 2-pole connector
    Protocols Modbus RTU / ASCII (Master / Slave)
    Baud rate 9.6...115.2 kbit/s
    Programming interface Micro-USB
Additional Information

    smi200 rs485

    Up to 16 Digital Modules can be connected to the SMI200

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