We continue providing you with more and more of sample projects on our devices. This time the spotlight is turned on the MSD200 Data Logger.

To save your time and help you with the operation and configuration of the MSD200 our team has developed a comprehensive sample project. This sample project ‘Data logging and data evaluation’ is divided into two parts.

The first part contains information about the data logging itself. To show you the way you can use the MSD200 for this task secondary devices must be connected to the data logger. In this project, they are:

There are implemented 3 log-channels with these devices, using analog inputs/outputs and the RS485 interface. It means that you can find here some cases in point for configuring log-channels, Modbus settings, monitoring the real-time values. At the end of this part, we are showing you how to export an Excel or a CSV file with the built-in File Manager.

In the second part of this sample project, we suggest you a method for the evaluation of all the logged data with the help of Microsoft Excel. Of course, you can do it in any other spreadsheet in a similar way.

The detailed project description you can find on the product page of the MSD200 Data Logger > Product description > Sample project.

Data logger