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MV110-24.16DN Digital Input Module

SKU: MV110-24.16DN
The digital input module MV110-24.16DN has 16 digital inputs able to connect switch contacts as well as NPN or PNP transistors. All the inputs are galvanically isolated in groups of 4. To communicate the input data to a controller, a serial RS485 port and Modbus RTU/ACSII are at your disposal. The module requires 24V DC input power and can operate in the temperature range between -20 and +55 °C.

16 digital inputsNPN input typePNP input typeRS485 interfaceModbus RTU/ASCIIAmbient temperatureDIN rail mountingWall mounting
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Product Description

    The MV110-24.16DN digital input module can extend a PLC system or a DCS (Decentralized Control System) with additional 16 digital inputs. Each input can connect switch contacts, NPN as well as PNP transistors. The device is configured with the user-friendly MX110 Configurator software, which you can download any time and without any additional fees.

    Pulse counter

    With an integrated pulse counter, each input of this extension module is capable of counting up 1000 pulses per second, which is impossible to perform in a Modbus network when using a program-based counter. Moreover, the integrated pulse counter allows you to get by without purchasing a counter as an individual device if your system requires one or when the need arises.

    Two types of mounting

    You can effortlessly snap the MV110-24.16DN input module on a DIN rail or fix it at a wall.

    Inputs and network status diagnostics

    There is a range of LEDs available on the device front. Sixteen of them are responsible for inputs, meaning each one of them lights up when the corresponding input has a signal at it. The other three indicate the status of power supply, data exchange, and fault condition, respectively.

    The I/O modules of the Mx110 series offer an inexpensive and flexible solution for decentralized automation systems and can supplement both a new control system and an existing one.

    Power supply 24 (20...28) V DC
    Power consumption, max. 6 W
    Digital inputs 16
    Interface RS485
    Protocol Modbus RTU / ASCII
    Baud rate 2.4...115.2 kBit/s
    Ambient temperature -20...+55 °C
    Storage temperature -25...+55 °C
    Humidity up to 80%, non-condensing
    IP Code IP20
    Dimensions 63 x 110 x 75 mm
    Weight approx. 240 g
    Material plastic
    Property MV110-16DN
    Input signal Switch contact
    Galvanic isolation 1500 V, in groups of 4
    Pulse frequency, max. 1 kHz
    Pulse length, min. 0.5 ms
    Integrated voltage source 24±3 V
    Current, max 8.5 mA (with 27 V)
    Logical „1“, min 4.5 mA
    Logical „0“, max 1.5 mA
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