The ALP course is a unique opportunity to master the programming of akYtec PR programmable relays, namely PR100, PR102, PR200, PR103, SMI200 and PRM modules. ALP provides powerful tools for development and control of device logic, allowing to work with two programming languages - FDB and ST.

During the course, participants will learn not only about ALP functionality and its features, but also get practical skills in working with akYtec devices. Examples will help to understand various aspects, including working with screens on PR200, the process of first connection of the device and much more.

Features and advantages of FBD and ST languages:
  • FBD (Function Block Diagram): Allows control logic to be laid out as graphical blocks, making it easier to understand and debug a programme. The flexibility of FBD makes it an ideal choice for rapid development and debugging of complex algorithms.
  • ST (Structured Text): Provides high-level programming capability similar to standard programming languages. This makes ST the preferred choice for developers familiar with general-purpose programming languages such as C or Pascal.
ALP features:
  • Creating your own function blocks - macros: Allows you to create your own function blocks that can be used in other projects as ready-made function blocks. This significantly reduces algorithm development time and workspace on the canvas.
  • Debugging a project without a connected device: Added a project simulation feature in the ALP environment, allowing you to debug a project without a connected device. Online debugging: Reduces debugging and project commissioning time.
  • Storing macros in your own offline macro database: In the ALP environment, you can store macros in your own offline macro database. In addition to its own macros, ALP has an online database of ready-made macros.
  • ALP auto-updates: ALP has a software auto-update feature, when a new software version is released, you will be notified and the application will update itself on your PC connected to the internet.
  • Working with cloud storage: In the future, the ability to work with cloud storage will be added.
Join the ALP course and discover the potential of programming akYtec devices to better manage your processes.
Language of instruction:
English and German
product of education:
akYtec ALP, PR series
course duration:
10 hours