Our Mini-PLC controllers in an educational process at the Technical University in Košice, Slovakia


Thanks to the exclusive distributor of akYtec GmbH products in the Slovak Republic, VENIO, it is possible to implement educational projects with an emphasis on control and automation using the FBD programming language. Processes are simulated using experimental training boards with various Mini-PLCs that are customized for the students to gain new experiences, skills and develop attributes needed for future automation engineering jobs.


To support the training of professionals, high school and college students, and to familiarize them with programming Mini-PLCs used in automation practice, special programmable relays PR200, PR100 together with analog and digital extension modules PRM 24.1, PRM 24.3 were donated to the Department of Industrial Automation and Mechatronics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University in Košice.

Hands-on training

The aim of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to prepare final year students for professional practice as well as possible. This is done mainly within the technical subjects of the "Industrial Mechatronics" degree program, as well as within related disciplines. At the same time, the program focuses on practical aspects so that students can meet the requirements of automation and control in basic and moderately complex automation tasks from the first day of work. Programmable relays from akYtec GmbH are perfectly suited for a variety of complex industrial applications, process, machine control, and their applications, as well as for simpler home systems. The free development environment akYtec ALP is operated in the form of an intuitive interface supporting the FBD language, in which the user can quickly and easily program and simulate a solution according to the project requirements.