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SMI2-M three-color Modbus display

The SMI2-M is a universal display unit for monitoring industrial processes. It has an RS485 interface and the measured values can be displayed up to four digits. The SMI2-M Modbus indicator seamlessly joins a system already in play, keenly "listening" for specific data details (like device addresses or function codes) without needing any system reconfigurations. Plus, when updates are needed, the broadcast feature sends out info, and each indicator intuitively captures its designated data. Imagine streamlining multiple devices without the usual technical hoops.
The SMI2-M has a compact, standardised design and fits into a standard 22.5 mm borehole for signal lamps. This provides quick and easy installation and many displays can be accommodated in a control cabinet door or on a panel.

LED colorModbus protocolRS485 interfacethe process display can be used as a Modbus Master or Slavepower supply 24 V DCeasy mounting in a Ø22.5 mm holequick mountingcompact designthe process display can be installed into a push-button boxIP65 rated enclosureCharacter height 14 mmAmbient temperature
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Product Description

    The RS-485 interface and Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol are used to obtain the displayed value in the device. The SMI2-М has three operating modes.

    Master - the indicator acts as a master device, polling another device and displaying the value of one of its parameters. This allows displaying data from a device that can only operate in slave mode such as TRM. The indicator's color changes and blinking are controlled by the indicator's built-in logic, as set by the user.

    Slave - the indicator displays a value received from the master device (e.g. PLC or PR). The indicator's color changes and blinking can occur either by command from the master device (according to its program), or by the SMI2-М's built-in logic. Multiple indicators can be connected to one RS-485 bus.

    Spy - mode allows the indicator to connect to the bus, where a master device is already present, and "listen in" on the traffic, waiting for requests or responses with specified parameters (device address, function code, register address). This enables the device to be used in existing systems where reconfiguration of the equipment is not possible. Another use case for this mode is synchronous data updating on multiple indicators using a broadcast from the master device to address 0. Each indicator is assigned an individual register number in the listened request, allowing each device to extract their own data from the broadcasted request.

    Power supply 24 (10...48) V DC
    Power consumption, max. 1.5 W
    Interface RS485 (2-wire bus)
    Protocols ModBus RTU / ASCII, akYtec
    Baud rate 2.4...115.2 kBit/s
    Display LED, 4 digits, 7 segment
    Character height 14 mm
    Display colour red / green / yellow
    IP Code front IP65, rear IP20
    Dimensions 48 x 26 x 65.4 mm
    Weight approx. 30 g
    Protection class III
    Ambient temperature -40...+70 °C
    Storage temperature -25...+70 °C
    Humidity up to 80% (non-condensing)
    Galvanic isolation yes
Additional Information


    What software do I need to configure the SMI2? Do I need a specialized cable?

    To program this RS485 Display you have to use SMI2 Configurator.

    You can find it either on the product page or on the CD that is delivered together with the device.

    To connect the SMI2 to the PC you need a USB cable and a USB-RS485 interface converter, for example, the IC4 from akYtec.

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    I have successfully connected the SMI2 to my PC several times, but this time, an error message appeared. What should I check?

    If you receive an error message saying ‘Port could not be opened. The port ‘COMX’ does not exist.’, you should check the connection between the SMI2 and the PC. Check the wiring, maybe a wire is loose or not connected to the terminals.

    You may also encounter the following message:

    error message Configurator SMI2

    If a message like that appears, it means that the SMI2 and SMI2 Configurator have different network parameters. For a successful connection, they must be the same.

    Option 1:

    Open SMI2 Configurator, use Device > Port configuration and set all the parameters to the same as those of your device.

    Option 2:

    If you don’t know the SMI2’s network parameters for some reason, you can use the Factory Settings mode. This mode allows the device to temporary take factory settings without overwriting the previous ones.

    - Open SMI2 Configurator, use Device > Port configuration and click on the Use Factory Settings For All Parameters button:

    Use Factory Setting button Configurator SMI2

    - Activate the Factory Settings mode by pressing the RESET button on the device for longer than 2 s. If the flashing word ‘FACT’ appeared at the display, the factory settings have taken effect.

    Now, the SMI2 and your PC can be successfully connected. To resume the previous network parameters of the device, the RESET button must be pressed again for longer than 2 s.

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    Can I use the SMI2 with an Arduino board or a PLC from any company?
    Our SMI2 can be used with any PLC that has an RS485 port and supports the Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol.
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